HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT [in 32 weekly parts]. Anthony Trollope.
HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT [in 32 weekly parts].
HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT [in 32 weekly parts].

HE KNEW HE WAS RIGHT [in 32 weekly parts].

[32 weekly parts, near-fine] With Illustrations by Marcus Stone. London: Virtue & Company, October 17 [1868] - May 22 [1869]. Original grey-green pictorial wrappers printed in red and black.

First Edition, in 32 weekly parts (serialization was also available in eight monthly parts, and at the end the novel was issued in two volumes). Louis Trevelyan "knew he was right" about his young wife's lack of faithfulness. This is

a long and detailed study of the gradual falling into madness of a suspicious husband... The final stages of his mental and moral dilapidation have a wild affliction unusual in the controlled world of Trollope characters. [Sadleir]

The publisher Virtue gave Trollope extremely generous terms in order to be able to publish this novel -- too generous: Virtue "went under" after the 29th part, after which Strahan & Co. picked up the remainder. (Hence the lack of inserted ads in the last three numbers, Strahan's name on those three inside-rear wrappers, and Strahan's name on the book title pages included in the last part.)

Included are 32 plates by Marcus Stone (one per part), and, at the end of the final part, the preliminary leaves for both volumes -- for those buyers who wanted to have their parts bound up.

All ads specified by Sadleir are present -- including, in Parts 21 through 25, the rather chaotic assortment of preliminary ads from earlier parts, when "Virtue was too flustered with commercial misfortune to prolong accurate advertising." Condition is remarkably near-fine: other than a faint damp-mark on the Part 23 plate, there is just some very minor wear at the foot of a few parts.

Of the eight Trollope novels that were issued in parts, we would place this among the scarcer half (but not among the scarcest two) -- and one could not hope for a set much better than this. Sadleir 31 (pp 92-103). Housed in a custom slipcase with inner chemise, upon which resides the bookplate of the best-known collectors of serial parts, Robert and Donna Jackson. Item #14343

Price: $7,500.00

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