Item #14007 THE WHITE PEACOCK. A Novel. D. H. Lawrence.


New York: Duffield & Company, 1911. Original light blue-grey cloth decorated in white and black and with lettering in white.

First Edition of D.H. Lawrence's first book, which he began in 1906 (at age 20) and rewrote several times; it is the tale of a love triangle, between Laetitia (DHL's working title for the book) and two men -- a farmer to whom she is drawn sexually, and a coal owner's son whom she marries.

This is a copy of the first issue (with integral title leaf that bears the copyright date 1910 on the verso; both issues are dated 1911 on the recto, but the cancel leaf of the second issue bears a 1911 copyright date on the verso). Duffield's first edition came out on 19 January 1911; they also printed the leaves for Heinemann's UK edition (with Heinemann preliminaries and with a different binding) -- which came out the following day, January 20th.

Another difference between the two editions is that most copies of Heinemann's edition have pp 227-230 in canceled form, due to a paragraph on p. 230 to which Heinemann objected: "... She wouldn't let me out of her sight. God! -- we were a passionate couple -- and she would have me in her bedroom while she drew... I never saw her drawings. She had her own way too much -- I let her do as she liked with me." This was Lawrence's first experience (of many) with censorship. Thus Duffield's American edition is slightly earlier, it is the publishing house that had both editions printed, and it is the edition that is truer to Lawrence's actual text.

This copy is in near-fine condition (very slight fading of the cloth, just a touch of wear at the foot of the spine, a few small instances of flaking of the white lettering) -- better than is usually encountered. This American first issue is today considerably scarcer than the Heinemann version of the same sheets. Roberts A1a(1). Item #14007

Price: $2,750.00