AMERICAN NOTES for General Circulation. "The New World." Charles Dickens.
AMERICAN NOTES for General Circulation. "The New World."

AMERICAN NOTES for General Circulation. "The New World."

[with the RARE outer wrapper] First American Edition. New-York: J. Winchester, Publisher, November 1842. Original self-wrappers, with additional outer wrapper.

"First American Edition" -- second impression. As confirmed first in a 1975 article by Peter Bracher and (soon) in Walter Smith's upcoming bibliography), this edition (12-1/2 cents) was published at 2:00 PM on Monday, November 7, 1842 -- just TWO HOURS before the "Brother Jonathan Extra" edition (12-1/2 cents) managed to get out on the streets. Harper got its edition (12-1/2 cents) out by early or mid-afternoon on the following day (Tuesday the 8th), and Lea & Blanchard of Philadelphia had an edition (first 25 cents, then 12-1/2) on the streets by Wednesday the 9th. (L&B was the only one of these American publishers to have had a prior agreement with Dickens for publication in America -- but Dickens was so upset by the lack of an international copyright law, he forewent any such negotiations -- which is why none of these publishers had advance sheets, and all simply had to wait in the harbor for the first boat to arrive with the UK edition (published in October), and then rush to press. The Winchester publication occupies 46 pages of double-column text (followed by one leaf of ads).

The first impression was originally issued without an outer wrapper. This copy is from Winchester's second impression (not so stated) -- which first came out around November 19th (a few minor differences include having "Number 32,33" printed correctly in the heading, and having "THE END" centered on page 46). Some later copies of this impression came with a decorative wrapper -- and this is such a copy. The wrapper's front cover reads "FIVE POINTS LITERATURE | "BOZ" | RAISING THE "DICKENS" WITH AMERICA | OR | HOW TO USE UP THE YANKEES. | A NOVEL IN ONE VOLUME. | PRICE 12 1/2 CENTS." A new title! A new sub-title! And it is now a novel! As Walter Smith observes (in his upcoming bibliography), the rear cover lists several British novels currently in serialization, which are/will be issued in "New World" supplements as available: one of these is MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT, which began its "New World" serialization in January 1843 -- so this wrapper was added sometime on or after that date. As Smith also points out, there may be other states of this wrapper, but this (the Smith copy) is the only documented example, so we don't know.

Condition is very good -- with substantial edge-wear mainly around the spine. A remarkable survival.

Bracher (Bibliographical Society of America Vol 69) pp 365-376; curiously not in Podeschi (Yale); Carr (UTexas) B477(2); Wilkins pp 23-24. Item #14156

Price: $1,150.00

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