THE FIVE JARS. James, ontague, hodes.


London: Edward Arnold & Co., 1922. Original orange cloth.

First Edition of this strange supernatural tale, by the author who earlier had written GHOST-STORIES OF AN ANTIQUARY (1904) and MORE GHOST STORIES... (1911). There are seven full-page plates by Gilbert James. Quoting at length from Bleiler...

The narrator falls asleep in the mead and dreams of a strange plant. Following the advice of the stream, which speaks to him in its own fashion, he finds the plant, eats it, and discovers that he now has supernaturally enhanced vision. This discloses to him a small metal box which had been buried since Roman times. It contains five jars of unguent, each of which liberates a sense or faculty from the bonds that keep mortals from the supernatural world. As he applies a new unguent each successive night, he is enabled to see fairies, understand the speech of animals, and converse with the unseen world. His gift is not without peril, for the forces of evil also want to gain control of the box...

This is an attractive, close-to-fine copy, with some very faint fading of the orange cloth but scarcely any wear or soil. There is none of the foxing which would typically be found on such thick wove paper. Bleiler 914. Item #14638

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