A SPY OF NAPOLEON. Baroness Orczy, "Emmuska"


London: Hodder & Stoughton, (1934). Original light blue cloth, with dust jacket.

First Edition. Although Baroness Orczy is best known for her 18 titles featuring Sir Percy Blakeney (aka the masked Scarlet Pimpernel) during the Reign of Terror in France, she wrote more than 18 other historical romances not featuring him -- of which this is one. Two years after this was published, as French-German tensions continued to tighten, "Spy of Napoleon" was filmed in England; it is about

Napoleon the Third and his estranged, illegitimate daughter who becomes a spy for his court, starring Richard Barthelmess and Dolly Haas... The international tensions between the French and Prussian empires in the 1860's are depicted very clearly. This film features one of the best attempted assassination scenes of a major figure that I have ever seen, if not the best. It makes any film showcasing John Wilkes Booth shooting Abraham Lincoln look tame by comparison." [IMDB].

This is a near-fine copy (slight fading of the already quite pale blue cloth); the color pictorial dust jacket is near-fine as well, with a few trifling nicks and very little soil or fading. Item #14667

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